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Where are the best and worst places to write?

Getting into the writing zone can sometimes be challenging. Where you choose to write can have an impact on your writing performance. Here are some spots that make for excellent writing, and here are some areas that might make writing more difficult.

1. A public library- not everyone has a designated office in their home, so sometimes it is easier to write when a writer is away from home because it separates the place of work with at-home relaxation. Going away from home may help to get your mind focused quickly.

2. Outside in nature-sometimes it is easy to get distracted by the hustle and bustle of the city and technology. But by going to a nice nature spot, you may find yourself coming up with inspiration you never thought of. Just make sure to bring a comfortable chair.

3. A coffee shop- Depending on which coffee shop you go to, a coffee shop can be a great or not-so-great spot for writing. If you live near a coffee shop with great lounging and not a lot of people, you may find yourself writing more easily. A coffee or the smell may also give you a little mental stimulation. But if it is too busy or crowded at a coffee shop, it may not be the best place.

4. A local college or university- Some colleges or universities have great quiet rooms or areas open to the public that make an excellent place to write. Feeling the energy for education in the air may help get you in the writing mindset.

5. The mall- some writers perform better when there is some human interaction nearby. Going to a mall on a Thursday morning will ensure that there won't be too many noisy people nearby, and sometimes a mall will have large areas for sitting that are comfortable and feel tranquil.

Places that may not be so great for writing.

1. At home in your bed- while it's convenient and comfortable, handling stress or having an active mind while in your bed may make it harder to sleep at night. Your mind is conditioned to work, not relax.

2. At the gym- believe it or not, I have seen people try to do work while running on a treadmill. While the blood flow may increase brain activity, the constant moving and distractions all around may be challenging to get in the zone.

3. With friends or social gathering- we have all been their, you have a writing deadline but you also have fomo, fear of missing out, so what do you do? You bring your laptop and try to make it work. In my experience, people who try this always end up going to a quiet room and avoiding the gathering. This may be just as inconsiderate as not showing up at all.

4. While on a tightrope in the Sahara desert while juggling bowling pins. Obviously, there are many places where you should probably not write, the best thing to do is use your best judgement, find what works for you, and make it a routine.



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