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What is a creative writing class like?

Every creative writing class is different, but the goal is to help students find their voice, learn the art of storytelling, poetry, and dive into deep topics that may facilitate creative writing.

Many creative writing classes involve sharing your pieces and getting feedback from either the teacher or classmates. So if you don't enjoy public speaking, do well with criticism, or appreciate writing often, this class may be a bit difficult for you.

Many people ask, is if creative writing is hard? To that question, I say yes and no. It has been my experience that in the beginning, creative writing starts relatively easy: introductions, more talk of concepts, and small first assignments. The first assignment might be a half-page paper of a scene involving senses, a short poem, thoughts on an article, something of that nature. However, as the class progresses, you may be writing long pieces like script scenes, short stories, dialogue, a memory, and more.

Another question that gets asked a lot is what to do to prepare for a creative writing class. In my opinion, don't try to prepare too hard. The class is meant to teach you and improve your writing. However, you may want to become familiar with the hero's journey, things that make an exciting story, pathos, logos, ethos, different types of poetry, and more. You will also cover some literature and authors who are good examples of creative writing.

The thing about a creative writing class is that it is meant to be fun, stretch you as a writer, and help you become familiar with some formulas that make excellent writing. However, it is my experience that you do not need a creative writing class to become an author or a good writer. It is basically a class that helps you practice writing more.

A huge benefit that comes from a creative writing class is learning how others view your work. Often writers share their work with their close family and friends who love them and are biased and want to praise them. As a result, a writer might think they are overly talented and then become disappointed when their work is rejected or has any negative comment.

It is a double-edged sword, though. While getting public feedback on your writing is a great benefit, it can also be excruciating. One of the meanest comments I have ever received was from a writing class. It really depends on the teacher to encourage a positive atmosphere.

Creative writing classes aren't all bad, though. In a creative writing class, I learned to write in different forms that I had never written in before. Create imagery that I never thought much about. The class should help you to stretch and discover your strengths as a writer.

Overall I would recommend taking a creative writing class if you are looking for something fun. I wouldn't recommend pursuing it as a major, but that is just my opinion. Do the class because you enjoy writing and not because you think it will help you become 'discovered' or a world-renowned author. But who knows, maybe you will be one day, and maybe it will be because of a creative writing class you took. Best of luck!



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