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What do I do when it feels like nobody likes my writing?

You may be feeling in a slump right now. Perhaps your manuscript has been rejected. Maybe your book isn't making enough sales as you hoped it would. Perhaps you sent your work to a friend, family member, coworker, and they had a lot of corrections. You may have even had a class assignment and didn't get the grade you wanted.

It's okay, breathe, stay calm. We have all been there. The feeling isn't great. Writing takes a lot of time. In written works, writers pour their heart, soul, and imagination into their creations. Writing is a very vulnerable process, so when someone has a lot of criticism--even with the best intentions--it still stings.

Here are a couple of things you can do to feel better.

Know you are a good writer. YOU are a great writer. Believe in yourself. You got into writing for a reason. For some reason, you felt a magnetic pull to get into writing. Don't stop. Don't let others block your creativity and potential.

Know this, there are roughly 7 billion people on the planet, everyone has different opinions of what is good. A pile of gold may be perceived as a pile of yellow rocks to another. Not everyone may initially see the value, and that's okay.

Its important to always give yourself affirmation and encouragement. Every day stand in front of the mirror and give yourself positive praise:

You are a great writer. You are a brilliant writer! You write masterpieces easily and effortlessly. I am a good writer. I am a brilliant writer. I write masterpieces for the masses easily and effortlessly.

Affirmations are essential because if you start to identify with your affirmations, it will help you continue pushing forward. You will continue to improve your craft. You will keep learning and growing. Believe in yourself. Always.

Another thing to do when you feel rejected is to relax. Rest for a bit, close your eyes, and instead of reviewing over and over the negative talk, say things you are grateful for, anything in the world. Be grateful for water and food. Be grateful for oxygen, the beautiful earth, any happy memory you have had. Life is tough, it is okay, you are just experiencing life and emotions. This is a good thing. Feel gratitude, and banish the negativity.

Lastly, know rejection is just God or the Universe's way of protecting you. Sometimes criticism stings, but maybe you received it because it will make you strong and help you become better. Maybe this rude person or organization is really a sign that you should not seek their validation and go a different route. When one door closes, hundreds of others open.

If at first, you don't succeed, try again. Don't worry about today, today will pass. Just know you got this. You are a brilliant mind and you have a lot of value to offer to the world. Do not let anyone control your emotions. You are in control, and you are a brilliant writer. When you feel comfortable, go out and write again. Never stop chasing your dreams.



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