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Is writing a dying art?

Some have started to question the longevity of a career as a writer. With all the new technology releasing coupled with the rise of social media and shorter attention spans, it may seem that authors, columnists, and even bloggers may soon be out of a job. But will writers truly become obsolete?

The answer most likely is no.

In the past, there has been speculation that painting would become a dying art as well. With the rise of photography, drawing tablets, and animation software, it seemed that paintings would soon lose their value. However, this is far from true. Rather the opposite, paintings are now seen as a novelty item and not just from past famous artists.

Take Damien Hirst, for example. His net worth is around one billion dollars. Paintings and the skill of being a painter haven't ceased. Instead, it has become something worth more valuable. It is predicted that this will be the same with writing.

While the majority of the public may be disenchanted with the idea of reading, there will still be an audience, especially among the highly educated, that will appreciate reading and skilled writers.

If anything, continuing to write and honing your writing skill will most likely be an investment.

Writing is the catalyst for bringing ideas to life. Writing allows for more profound thought, the submergence into higher-level thinking.

Let's compare an encyclopedia to random facts Youtube video. While the Youtube video may be more entertaining, the written encyclopedia has more details, information and is peer-reviewed, making it more credible.

One of the most amazing things about writing is that it allows people to tap into their imagination. Imagination is one of the greatest gifts that we humans have that separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom.

With the emergence of the Metaverse, some have wondered if the need for imagination will disappear. If everything becomes virtual reality, why bother using your imagination? My personal prediction is that the people who have an active imagination, who can build new ideas in their minds, will become the most valuable creators. And while you don't need writing to have an imagination, writing certainly helps facilitate the state of flow.

The remarkable thing about writing and reading is that everyone can get the same message, but they can envision it through their own lens due to everyone's unique imaginations. For this reason, once again, writing will prove to be an invaluable skill.

To recap: will writing and reading be a dying art? Most likely, no. Instead, it may become something of higher value and demand.



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