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Is there magic in writing?

In many ancient cultures, writing was used in ceremonies, rituals, and even spells. So what is so magical about writing? Is it simply a process to collect thoughts, or is there something supernatural about it?

Throughout history, written messages were used to send to various counties and lands, and depending on what the note said, the result would lead to trading, marriages, and even cataclysmic wars.

It is interesting to think that a few simple words can create ideas, which leads to big actions.

Words can have a powerful effect.

Before written words were created, cave dwellers would use drawings to communicate; the ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphics. These pictures weren't just drawings but symbols.

According to Wikipedia,

"A symbol is a mark, sign, or word that indicates, signifies, or is understood as representing an idea, object, or relationship. Symbols allow people to go beyond what is known or seen by creating linkages between otherwise very different concepts and experiences."

How interesting is it that a simple symbol can conjure instant feelings, experiences, or concepts?

As symbols have evolved, they have transformed into words, which are advanced forms of symbols, for these words have precise meanings.

Take this for example:


What does it mean? Now take these words:

Anguish, heartbreak, loneliness, depression, misery.

Depending on the word, different meanings and stories materialize in the human mind.

So fast forward to the Renaissance and Gutenberg's printing press. These were times when stories and writing began to spread like wildfire. Now there was a jump in education and an exchange in ideas, thoughts, actions, and influences.

Writing and communication at its core essence contains power, even energy.

Think about witches, shamen, priests, oracles. All of these types of people had ancient sacred texts. Witches were believed to have magic spell books that when after reading a poetic text, could create miracles or even cause misfortunes.

So how does writing affect our day? Indeed, we have signs and posters, books and articles, all things that help to communicate instructions, warn of danger, and educate. But can writing be used for more? Can writing be used to create a specific intention in the mind?

Perhaps so. Maybe everything that we write has a ripple effect that we are unaware of. Maybe every message you send, every comment you write, every note you use to remind yourself is creating and changing your reality.

If this is true, how important is it to start editing your life with writing?

Here is an easy exercise, start by writing a list of gratitude, then start writing the story of your life. Create yourself as you want to be. What you want to attain and accomplish. Write about this frequently. Carry a slip about yourself in your pocket. Reread the words aloud and start to see the magic that writing can bring and how it can transform your life.



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