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I Have Writer's Block! How Do I Write My Novel?

In today's world, using your imagination and coming up with original content can be challenging. With pictures on Instagram, videos on TikTok and Youtube, and short tweets, all vying for your attention, it can be difficult to clear the clutter and immerse yourself in the deep sea of creativity. So what is the best way to do so?

1. Go on a walk.

It might sound simple, even tedious, but going on walks has been proven to reduce stress and improve mental health. Not only this but as you walk, the mind tends to wander; this is the perfect time to tap into your story's plot line.

2. Start at a new scene.

We have all been there; sometimes a specific scene is especially challenging. So what do you do? Try picturing a later scene and play it out in your head. Sometimes this later scene will give you a particular insight or detail that will inspire your earlier scene.

3. Try playing with toys.

It may sound silly, but this is what we did as kids when we wanted to explore our imagination. Toys can be a trigger to get us there. Find an empty room, grab a few toys, and play; this may give you just the right spark you need to get our creative juices flowing.

4. Take a shower

Not because you smell bad but because some of the greatest ideas have come when people have taken showers. The warm water and droning sound has helped many people to come up with new ideas. Go ahead and try it and see what happens.

5. Lay in bed and turn off the lights

This is another method that may sound unusual, but resting in a dark place allows the mind to have a blank canvas. As you lay, try imagining the scene. Let your mind wander and picture the characters. Let the characters speak to you; the scene doesn't have to be perfect. Try imagining various scenarios, different dialogue, unexpected occurrences. These may give you inspiration.

6. Go on a social media fast

All the images and quick thoughts disrupt the brain's way of exploring a whole new world. Turn of your phone, close specific apps, and get out in nature. Let your brain rest, the cross the threshold into your imagination.



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