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How to write an author bio

After a writer finishes writing a book, there are still some more things that he/she needs to write including, an acknowledgment page, a book summary, and an author bio page.

So what should be included in an author bio page?

Here is a quick layout of what is in most bio pages,

Name: Example-Sally Sue.

Where they are from, or where do they live currently: From Little Rock, Arkansas. Currently in Spokane, Washington.

Education: Bachelors in Child Development, minor in Nutrition.

Other written works: The Rabbit Who Only Cooked Onions, Little Turtle Eats His Greens.

Optional items:

Previous occupation: Chef, 10 years.

Interests/Passions: Cooking, art, hiking.

Mention of their family: Sally Sue lives with her husband and three kids in Spokane, Washington.

Charity or services: Created Healthy Green Tummies Foundation, which helps children in poverty get the nutrition they need.

Awards: number 1 children's book award TBC.

So now let's hear Sally Sue's Author Bio :

Sally Sue was born in Little Rock, Arkansas; she has a Bachelor's in Child Development with a minor in Nutrition. After being a chef for ten years, Sally realized her calling in life to make the world a more healthy place. In 2017 she created the Healthy Green Tummies Foundation, a charity that helps children in poverty get the nutrition they need. Since then, she has devoted all her time to her charity and writing children's books. Her books The Rabbit Who Only Cooked Onions and Little Turtle Eats His Greens, have received several awards, including the TCB's # 1 Children's Book Award. When Sue is not writing, she enjoys art, hiking, and whipping up a healthy snack for her husband and three children; they currently live in Spokane, Washington.

For more information on Sally Sue, visit her website at

It appears Sally has already accomplished a lot and probably has already written an author bio, but just in case she didn't, this is how it might look like. Hope this gives you some inspiration. Now go and write your bio!



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