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How to text your crush to get them to like you

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Now, I don't begin to call myself an expert when it comes to texting a crush. However, in honor of the month of Valentine's, I have interviewed a few close friends who have had a lot of success with love to see how they effectively text their crush.

Because they wish to be anonymous, I will be giving them fake names.

Harry: The best way to text your crush is to start with a question. If they are really into a topic, let's say health, then I text them for advice. Like I would say, 'hey, I heard you know a lot about health, do you know what the best vitamins or supplements to take are? People usually like giving advice or their opinion. I usually always get a response back.

Ron: I have a go-to phrase that usually always works: Hey, were you just at the (park/ library/ mall, etc.) earlier? And then when they say no, you can say I swear you have a twin, it was crazy because (they were wearing a chicken suit/ playing the bagpipes/rolling around on the grass, or something kind of odd) Usually the crush will protest and think that is weird, but it will get them into a playful mood.

Voldemort: I am usually straight up. I'd say something like, I'm not gonna lie, you are super sexy, I'd tap you. And depending on how they respond is the next step. If they are shocked and seem angry, I'd say, lol I am just joking, I was dared to say it. If they don't respond, say sorry wrong number, it was a dare lol. If they seem interested, go into playful banter, if they ask, whose this? Tell them your name and go from there.

How do you keep the conversation flowing?

Hermione: Well, I guess if you started by asking them a question, you would want to continue to ask them questions but keep it subtle. If you just keep asking one question after another, they will feel the desperation. My advice, after asking them a question, make a comment, give a compliment or say something funny or interesting, followed by another question.

Can you give me an example?

Hermione: Well, say you are asking about a school or work assignment, and they give you a dead response, Sorry, I don't know or something. You can say something along the lines of: Dang, no worries. I'll ask someone else. Work (school) has just been a bit hectic lately with all these assignments. You always seem so composed and calm, though. How are you like that?

Harry: To keep the conversation moving, always pay attention to the tiniest detail. A small detail could be a whole new topic. The goal of the text should not be to just keep messaging back and forth. The goal is to make a hang-out. If, for example, they mention all the supplements they have, you can then ask, if they don't mind, can I see your collection sometime, or if they mention workout, you can say maybe we can work out on Wednesday at 5:00, or ugh I suck at yoga, you need to show how to do it. Then set a day.

What if your crush is not responding well?

Hermione: Whatever you do, do not keep texting them. If you really want to respond again, though, give it at least a couple of weeks. Trust me. You have to think long-term goal.

Voldemort: Message someone else! Create a nice large pool of prospects. One of them is bound to be interested. And then when that happens, you will really learn how to text good.

Harry: Always be kind, keep things light, and always try to see if you can add humor. Most importantly, be yourself. Follow your gut. If your gut tells you to be honest and tell them how you really feel. Do it. People like people who like them. If it is meant, it is meant. If not, then it wasn't. There is no effort wasted with at least being nice and giving a compliment.



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