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How to improve your imagination

When we were young, it seemed almost effortless to slip into imagination. Everything felt like a game, and nearly every object could be a toy. But as humans get older, tapping into imagination has become more challenging. Here are some ways to help you to tap into your imagination and become more creative.


It sounds obvious, but it is challenging for a lot of people. Try to find a comfortable private space with a few toys and try to play. Or you can go to a park and start playing on the playground (while being aware and courteous of your surroundings).

2. Take a social media break.

Social media has replaced a lot of our free-thinking time. Instead of transporting ourselves into a new world, we desire to feed our minds quick mental stimulation. As a result, our creative imagination powers become weak.

3. Go on a walk.

Going on a walk is a great way to clear the mind. As you are walking, make sure your phone doesn't distract you. Let your mind wander and explore all possibilities.

4. Go into a dark room.

This may seem silly but go into a comfortable place, turn off all the lights, and just try to think. Think about a new world, imagine you are there, allow your mind to transport you. What do you see? Smell? Taste? Use all your senses.

5. Go out into nature.

Nature is a great environment to fuel imagination and relax the mind from distraction. Try to observe and notice things you have never paid attention to before.

6. Read.

Reading is an excellent way to make your imagination more active. Create a list of your favorite books or genres, and then try to set aside a little time every day to read.

There are some friendly tips to improve your imagination. The important thing to do is relax, clear your mind, then concentrate. For more tips check out our other articles.



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