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How to Get Inspiration When Writing a Book

Are you thinking about writing a book? Coming up with a plotline for your new story can be difficult. Here are ten ways to get inspiration for your next novel.

1. Meditate - Meditating is a great way to receive inspiration for your new book. Not only does mediating allow you to clear your mind, but it also calms your body. Sometimes it is challenging to come up with an exciting plotline when you're body feels stress. Practice breathing and riding your mind of all thoughts. That way, when it is time to up with inspiration, your brain is recharged.

2. Read similar books - Sometimes to come up with a great idea, it is good to read books that excite you or are similar to a concept you have in mind. Try reading a few of your favorite sections from many books. As you read, new ideas might pop into your head.

3. Listen to music - For centuries, music has been known as a great muse or source of inspiration. When listening to music, try not only to enjoy the beat or tune but listen to the lyrics, if there are any. Sometimes we are subconsciously attracted to a song because of the message and ideas the song provides.

4. Go outside - Nature is a perfect way to feel harmony and balance. Not only do you receive more oxygen, but you also allow yourself to be mindful. Try going on a bike ride, starting a garden, or walking through a garden.

5. Watch a movie - Movies are basically imagination done for you. Try rewatching your favorite movies or movies that are highly rated, and while watching, critically ask yourself, what is it about this movie that I or others enjoy?

6. Exercise - When nothing is coming to your mind, it is helpful to focus your attention on something else. Exercising is a healthy reset button. Not only does exercising help to circulate your blood, but it also helps you to gain a mental discipline, getting you in good habits to push through hard things.

7. Try brain teaser games - Ever played a brain teaser game? There are many free apps now available that help you to test your mind. Sometimes we get stuck in one way of thinking; brain challenging backs allow our brains to use different channels were haven't used in a while.

8. Friend's opinions - Asking your friend to give you a fantastic plotline might sometimes surprise you. However, you must have their full permission to use their idea. Another idea that might lead to less trouble is asking your friends what source material they use to draw inspiration.

9. Look at pictures- A picture can say a 1000 words. Why not give it a try. Look and pictures you enjoy, and as you stare at it, ask yourself what the story behind this image is?

10. Push through the block - It sounds simple, but it is often the most challenging thing to do. Persistence is the key. Simply sitting down and writing and sticking to it is sometimes the best answer. It is easy to get frustrated, but if you push through the frustration, a brilliant idea may come.



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