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How to effectively work from home

In the unprecedented times in which we live, many find themselves having to work from home. Working remotely can be a challenge for some, whether it be a lack of motivation to work, increased boredom from staying home all day, or mentally suffering from lack of human-to-human contact. This article will explore the challenges of working from home and provide some helpful solutions.

Challenge 1:

When I am home, I don't want to work.

This is true for many individuals. Often people see their home as their sanctuary, a place to destress after a long day of work. But when home and work mix, feelings of lethargy can interrupt the workday.


Pick a particular place in your home or apartment where you know you will be able to focus. By designating a specific spot and constantly returning to it for work--and work only there--your mind will be conditioned to stay focused. A problem that many people do is that they will work in different spots, sometimes a desk, but other times a couch or the bed.

Working from your bed can be especially detrimental to your work ethic and sleep patterns. If your mind starts associating work with your bed, then soon you mind will have trouble sleep. Thoughts will be racing to your head when it should be trying to relax and get some sleep. This could then affect your whole day, making you feel tired or unmotivated.

Challenge 2:

I am bored staying home all day.

Staying in one place for too long may feel like a prison. Doing the same routine every day with slight variation can lead to feelings of depression.


If possible, try to find some moments throughout the day to go outside. It doesn't have to be long, perhaps five to ten minutes, and going for a short walk. Walking has been known to decrease depression.

Another simple solution for decreasing boredom is by creating small goals. Having small goals throughout the day will help to preoccupy your mind. They don't have to be all work-related either. It can simply be a goal that at 1:20, I am going to tidy up the bathroom.

If goals and small outside breaks aren't cutting it, you can always try listening to a podcast or watching a Tedtalk. Filling your mind with exciting knowledge is a great way to decrease boredom. Sometimes these podcasts or Tedtalks can even teach you a skill or make you aware of a subject you never knew existed.

Challenge 3:

I am having a mental breakdown by not talking to anyone!

Yes, we have all had those times. Even introverts need some form of communication. Restrictions and lockdowns may limit how many people-to-person-contact we have, but there are ways to cope.


Try calling a friend. For some people calling may be uncomfortable, but it may be the social feel you need. Try contacting a family member or someone you feel closest to.

Another option is something as simple as going to the store. Everyone needs to get groceries. Going to the store and seeing people may help limit the craving for connection. Even better, try saying hi to a stranger, striking up a conversation all the while following safety precautions.

Reaching out through social media is another way to communicate. The Metaverse, while not out yet, promises to offer a virtual reality space for people to communicate from all ends of the earth--right at the safety of your home.

Working from home has become a reality for many and will probably continue in the future, so adapting and learning how to work effectively is the key. The next time you are at home feeling anxious, go out, take a breather, say hi to a friendly stranger, and be sure to fill your mind with healthy stimulation.



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