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How do you write when you don't have time?

Writing is a time-consuming art. It seems there is never enough time to write. For some, they can sit in front of the computer for an hour and end up not writing more than a sentence or two. So how do you make the best use of your time when writing?

Practice. It may sound simple, but the easiest way is to practice. Writing is like working out at the gym. The less you use your writing muscles, the harder it is to form sentences when you have the time to write. Simply writing a little bit every day will help train your brain to think and write more quickly. With constant practice, the next time you have a free hour, you'll be able to write a little more than a couple of sentences.

Scheduling. Scheduling is crucial if you want to find time to write. If you don't prioritize writing, it will fall by the wayside. Suppose you want to write a book, but feel there is not enough time in the day to write? What do you do? Choose a time. As for me, I like the mornings. Just before work, my mind is sharp and ready to go. I make a slight adjustment to my day as well. I try to get to the office twenty minutes earlier. That extra twenty minutes gives me enough time to write a little bit. If mornings aren't a good time, choose a different uninterrupted time where you can squeeze in at least twenty minutes.

Prioritize. Along with scheduling, prioritizing is key. It is easy to say: I have work, my kid's practice, school, working out, cooking, cleaning--I don't have time! This may be true, but if you really think about your schedule, you have more time than you think. Think of all the times you use social media; think of all the times you sit to watch television, read the news, play a video game or app game. Somehow those have been fit into your schedule. Examine all the activities you do in a day and decide which is less important.

Reward. Now if you want to find time and keep the time to write, you need to reward yourself after you write to create a habit. Suppose you decide to fit writing during the time you look at social media, say to yourself: Okay, if I write for twenty minutes, then I will allow myself ten more minutes to look at social media or read the news. Another option is a small treat. Okay, after I finish writing I will eat a cookie. Giving yourself small incentives will increase your desire to continue the behavior.

It may seem there is never enough time to write, but the truth is, there is always time for everything. The important question to ask yourself is, how important is writing to me? Is it a dream to become a famous author? If yes, then it requires discipline. By making minor adjustments little by little, you will find time to write. But it is always good to remember not to be too hard on yourself. You got this. Go and write!



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