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How do I market my book?

Are you looking to be or are a self-published author and want to increase your book's sales through marketing? Or perhaps you are an author with an agent and publishing company and were surprised to learn that publishing companies don't do that much on marketing.

Well, either way, here are some tips on how you can market your book or ebook.

Amazon ads- If your book is on Amazon, you can do a spend on Amazon ads. Amazon now offers various ads to help market your ebook or book. However, I will note that it is important to research how to best use Amazon ads. If not researched, you may have poor results. I would also like to add sometimes Amazon gives your book a lot of impressions but not a lot of sales.

Social media-Social media is a no-brainer; posting your book on Facebook or Instagram hoping your friends or family want to buy your book. But have you ever tried doing a giveaway? A free book giveaway is a better way approach to giving your book exposure. You may even ask them to do something: like this post and get entered to win a free autographed book.

Facebook ads-On Facebook, you can make a page and run an ad. The ad will also allow you to send the ad to Instagram as well. Note: it has been my experience that Facebook ads outperform ads on Instagram.

Create a website-Nowadays creating a website is not a difficult task. Try wordpress or Wix and you can have a website in less than a day.

Email list-Create a list of emails from friends or family and send them a promotional email. Mass emails can be created or sent out easily on Mailchimp.

Join a book club-A book club is a great way to connect with like-minded people who love reading. You can introduce your book, and if the club reads it and likes it, they may be prone to giving a review.

There are various ways to market your book. Most of them include doing a bit of spending. In order to make money, you need to spend money. Doing a one-time market launch will not turn out great results. Marketing is a constant thing. At its core, marketing is all about various ways to remind people of your product or service.



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