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8 Healthy life habits for authors

Are you an author and wish you lived a more healthy balanced life? Most authors work from home and write all day; this can sometimes lead to unhealthy habits. In this article, you will be given eight suggestions to improve health and live a more balanced life.

1.Walk every day- walking every day promotes heart health, helps to stabilize hormones, and even reduces depression.

2.Socialize every day- most authors are introverts and tend to isolate themselves even more when working on their next manuscript. However, authors must communicate to other people for mental health. Even simply saying "Hi" to someone at a grocery store can boost a day.

3.Go to the gym-going to the gym can be a great place to get exercise and socialize. Going to the gym at least three times a week can not only help you look more physically fit but also boost your mood.

4.Increase your spirituality- in order to obtain health and wellness, it is important to increase all pillars of life. Spirituality has been linked to happiness. If you don't already do so, try seeking out a religion or read books on the Universe. Adding a sprinkle of spirituality into your life may be the missing ingredient.

5.Eat a little more healthy- this one is a given yet hard to do. By making micro-adjustments to your diet, you may see significant results. Here is a good rule, try to introduce yourself to a new healthy food a day. It can be a vegetable, fruit, nut, grain, smoothie, or snack.

6.Write gratitude every day- Unfortunately, many writers are prone to depression. By writing ten things you are grateful for every day, you will be able to change your perspective and think more positively.

7.Call a family member-If you have a good relationship with your family, give them a call. A simple call can do wonders for your day. However, not everyone has good relationships with their family. Some authors may have been hurt by their families in the past and still carry that burden. By writing a family member a kind note, you may be able to feel a little more at peace.

8.Join a class or group - Joining a class or group may help authors feel a sense of community and increase your number of book reviews. Try a ceramics class, yoga, writing club, reading club, painting class or more.

Not all of these suggestions need to be added to your life, but certainly trying all of them may significantly improve it. The important thing to getting on to a healthy path is making minor adjustments doing what feels best for you.



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