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6 tips on how to write a good Amazon book summary

Okay, so you recently finished writing your novel, and now you need a short summary to either pitch to agents or place on Amazon so readers will want to read your book. But, what is the secret to writing an excellent back cover blurb? Here are some helpful tips.

1. It is helpful if the first sentence is intriguing. How many times have you been guilty of reading a description only to leave after the first sentence? Well, if you are not, many people are. The first sentence should capture attention. Brainstorm different ideas and ask your friends or family if any sounds interesting.

2. Write in the style of your book. You just wrote a novel, so why is it so hard to write a description? Because you are not used to writing descriptions every day--that's why. As a result, many writers tend to try to write in a different style than they wrote. If you write in really flowery language, then continue to use flowery language. If you write in short sentences, then keep the same. Writing will feel more intuitive this way.

3. Try reading other book descriptions. The more short summaries you read, the more you will start to see what descriptions interest you. This may help get your creative juices flowing.

4. Write down a list of all the words that hook your attention. It may be things like thrilling, haunting, page-turning, alluring. Whatever it may be, write it down and see how you can insert it into your description

5. Try to start by making the character's life seem relatable, normal, or boring, then progress to something fantastical, terrifying, or exciting. The contrast makes for a compelling book description worth reading.

6. Try to keep it in short paragraphs. This may sound odd, but when most people see a huge chunk of writing they instantly want to leave. Help make the book easier to digest by breaking it into shorter paragraphs. Make sure you are using correct grammar, though.

No matter what any other article may say, there is no absolutely one right way to write a description. The beauty of humans is that we all have similar but vastly different tastes. A perfectly executed horror description may sound awful to another. Follow your gut, follow your own style, and maybe look to others for a bit of inspiration.



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